EE300Ex humidity and temperature sensor

EE300Ex – Sensor for Gas and Dust Hazardous Areas

 For zone 0/20

 T range -40...180 °C (-40...356 °F)

 Temperature class up to T6

EE100Ex humidity and temperature sensor

EE100Ex – Sensor for Gas Hazardous Areas

 For zone 1

 T range -40...60 °C (-40...140 °F)

 Temperature class up to T4

EE300Ex - Reliable Measurement in Gas and Dust Hazardous Areas

The EE300Ex can be directly mounted in the highest hazard zones. The highly accurate RH and T sensor is thus ideal for demanding applications, e.g. in the petrochemical or pharmaceutical industry. Further application areas are explosive storage rooms, grain mills, power stations, paint booths and offshore platforms.

  • EE300Ex humidity and temperature sensor
    Due to the high-quality stainless steel enclosure, the EE300Ex is suitable for a wide range of applications.

EE300Ex Humidity and Temperature Sensor

For Explosion Hazard Areas Zone 0/20

The EE300Ex allows for precise RH and T measurement in the range -40…180 °C (-40...356 °F) and up to 20 bar (290psi) pressure.

The sensor can be mounted directly in the gas and dust hazard area zone 0/20.

The measured data is available on two analogue outputs (4…20 mA, 2-wire) and on the optional display.

Besides measurement of RH and T, the EE300Ex calculates all humidity related parameters, such as dew-point temperature [Td], absolute humidity [dv] or mixing ratio. 

 ATEX Certificate (Europe)

 IECEx Certificate (International)

 FM Approval (USA)

 FM Approval (CAN)

 KCs Certificate (Korea)

Various Models for Specific Applications

Choose the EE300Ex model that suits your measurement task:

Humidity and Temperature

The EE300Ex-HT measures reliably in the range 0…100% RH and -40…180°C (-40...356 °F) at process pressure up to 20 bar (290 psi). The remote probe version is certified for T6 class.

Datasheet EE300Ex-HT


Moisture in Oil

EE300Ex is ideal for monitoring of moisture in insulation, lubrication, hydraulic and other oils, as well as in diesel fuel. It measures directly water activity (aw) and T and calculates the absolute moisture content (x) in ppm. 

Datasheet EE300Ex-HT


EE300Ex-xT measures accurately the temperature in the range -70…200°C (-94...392 °F) and is pressure rated up to 20 bar (290 psi). 

Datasheet EE300Ex-xT

Easy Installation and Service

The Two-Part Enclosure

The stainless steel enclosure consists of a separated connection and measurement unit. This simplifies considerably the installation of the transmitter and allows for easy replacement of the measurement unit – for calibration or service purposes– without time-consuming re-wiring.

EE300EX employs the 2-wire technology and must be loop-powered by an intrinsically safe supply unit.

The two 4...20 mA outputs can be easily configured by the user.

Maximum Flexibility

Various models and options enable the EE300Ex to meet specific application requirements.



EE300Ex for wall mounting

Wall Mount

The compact EE300Ex model can be employed directly in zone 0/20. The external fixing holes and the two-part enclosure allow for easy installation.

EE300Ex with remote sensing probe

Remote Sensing Probe

EE300EX with remote probe version achieves the T6 temperature class. The probe cable is available in lengths of 1 m, 2 m, 5 m and 10 m.

EE300Ex with optional display

Optional Display

With the optional display the measured values are available on site. The displayed physical quantities can be selected with push buttons on the front cover of EE300EX.

EE100Ex - Intrinsically Safe Sensor for Gas Explosion Hazard Areas

The EE100Ex humidity and temperature sensor stands out by a high measurement accuracy and is suitable for demanding climate and process control. Due to the high-quality IP65 aluminum enclosure and a wide choice of filter caps, the sensor is suitable for various applications, such as utility tunnels, hazardous storage rooms or in the pharmaceutical industry.



  • EE100Ex humidity and temperature sensor (wall mount)
    EE100Ex sensor for wall mount (model T1)
  • EE100Ex humidity and temperature sensor with remote probe
    EE100Ex sensor with remote probe (model T3)

EE100Ex Humidity and Temperature Sensor

For Explosion Hazard Areas up to Zone 1

The EE100Ex measures RH and T in the range -40...60 °C (-40...140 °F).

The combination of robust sensing head, E+E proprietary sensor coating and encapsulated measurement electronics inside the probe ensures excellent measuring performance and long-term stability in harsh and corrosive environment.

The sensor features two galvanically isolated 4…20 mA, 2-wire outputs.

The EE100Ex is certified according to ATEX and IECEx for use in gas hazardous areas up to zone 1.


 ATEX Certificate (Europe)

 IECEx Certificate (International)

E+E Humidity Sensor with Protective Coating

For Outstanding Long-term Stability

The optional E+E proprietary coating protects the RH/T sensing elements, which grants outstanding long-term stability in heavily contaminated and/or corrosive environment.

E+E has been developing and manufacturing in-house humidity sensing elements for over 25 years. The high level of expertise in the field of thin-film technology combined with state-of-the-art production processes lead to accurate and reliable sensors for demanding applications.

  • EE300Ex humidity and temperature sensing element
    EE300Ex humidity and temperature sensing element
  • EE100Ex humidity and temperature sensing element
    EE100Ex humidity and temperature sensing element
  • E+E Elektronik Headquarters
    E+E Elektronik Headquarters, Engerwitzdorf/ Austria.

E+E Elektronik - Your Partner in Sensor Technology

E+E Elektronik develops and produces sensing elements, modules and sensors for humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, air velocity, mass flow, CO2 and pressure.

The main applications for E+E products lie in HVAC, building automation, industrial process control and the automotive industry.

A certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 ensures the highest quality standards.

E+E Elektronik has a worldwide dealership network and own subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Korea, China and the United States.

The accredited E+E calibration laboratory has been commissioned by the Austrian Federal Office for Metrology (BEV) to maintain the national standards for humidity, dew point, air velocity and gas concentration CO2 as a designated institute / NMI.